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K-12 Learning Center in Townsend, Massachusetts provides professional tutors to students to help them improve their grades, college entrance exam test scores, and overall confidence.

K-12 programs are affordable and are available with flexible payment options.

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My daughter, Katie has been working with Jonathan for 5 months. Right from the beginning, we saw a change in Katie’s attitude toward learning. Johnathan seems to intuitively understand how to help Katie learn. As a result, there are no more fights at home about homework. She is very enthusiastic after leaving a session with Johnathan because he keeps her interested. He has her jumping around the room from white board to white board, understanding that she has trouble sitting still for very long. He makes learning fun for her! We are so happy with how far she’s come in not only her attitude but her confidence as well. Not only have her grades improved, but her teachers are often remarking about the change they have seen. Here is a sample of a recent note that came home from Katie's Math teacher:

“Katie is eager to participate every day in class... Her (math) homework is consistently done on-time with work shown….She uses resources well……I believe that the time she spends with her tutor outside of school has helped her, as I have seen an increase in her math confidence (as well as her math grade overall). “

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